The very definition of outsourcing is: "Relocation of a number of activities outside the company,:  to expert individuals or to specialized companies". Modern communications and technology can make jobs for a certain number of workers wherever they are located in the world. Through cooperation with other IT companies, we launched EmoSoft among the best outsource partner and operated effectively and efficiently to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

How do we do it?
     - Analysis - We are analyzing the project, establishing key points and processes.
     - Project management - Technologies, resources, timelines and costs evaluation.
     - Development - Development and programming process.
     - Testing - Testing, notifying and eliminating errors.
     - Release - Final release of application into production
     - Maintenance - Maintenance and 24/7 support..
Why EmoSoft ?
The question is simple, so is the answer - EmoSoft has a great number of professionals and experts whose work is done with quality and with great efforts, while the cost of doing business in comparison to other countries, is a lot cheaper. When it comes to outsourcing, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our business, it is on much higher level than in any other country in the world.

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